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Custom Pickleball Paddles

Custom Pickleball Paddle Sets

Order your custom paddle in the following quantities:

  • 1-10 Paddles

  • 11-50 Paddles

  • 51-100 Paddles

  • 100+ Paddles

Custom Pickleball Paddle Pricing

You may be eligible to receive up to 40% off MSRP, for every custom pickleball paddle ordered, based on the order quantity. There is no minimum order quantity!

Custom paddles can include custom designs, grips, edge guard, colors, and logos. By request, we can also produce a custom pickleball paddle cover. 

Your pickleball paddle no longer has to be dull, which is why we help by facilitating the process of designing your own custom pickleball paddle to improve your play and appearance on the court.

All of our custom made pickleball paddles include our revolutionary gritty surface to maximize spin and reduce vibration on shots. The gritty paddle face surface offers players the ability to put max spin on the ball and without losing out on control. Our custom pickleball paddles include a polypropylene core with a fiberglass surface layer that ensures the strongest most durable custom pickleball paddle on the market. The polypropylene core shape also provides a larger sweet spot for effortless shots on target. 

To receive a quote, or simply to learn more information about ordering a custom pickleball paddle, complete the form above  and we will get back to you in 1-2 business days.

Free Shipping 

We offer free shipping on all custom design pickleball paddle orders

Free Returns

We offer a satisfaction guarantee to make sure you truly love your new custom pickleball paddle!  (Varies on custom paddle orders)

24/7 Service

We are here to serve you. Contact our support team if you have any questions or need help designing your custom made pickleball paddle! Our goal is to help you design the best paddle!

How to Start your Custom Pickleball Paddle:

A custom pickleball paddle separates avid pickleball players from the casual pickleballer. Now you can place your grandchild's face right on the surface of your pickleball paddle for everyone to see, but how does the process work? 

  1. Submit the form above and be sure to include all specs for your custom made pickleball paddle order. 

  2. Our team of designers will reach out within one business day to discuss the plans for your custom pickleball paddles.

  3. We will design your custom paddle and share a mock up image or proof for your approval.

  4. Once approved by you, we can start the work on your custom pickleball paddle and get you on the court!

How Long Will it Take?

Depending on the quantity and design of your order, custom paddle orders can take 10-20 days before they are completed and ready to ship.

We do our best to ensure you get your custom paddles as soon as possible!

Why YOU Need a Custom Pickleball Paddle

Custom pickleball paddles are great for players of any skill level. Every custom paddle is a symbol of your personality! Don't just settle for a generic design on your paddle. Choose your own custom graphic and we will create an actual paddle.

The process is simple and quick! Order your paddle, design it with our team, and get out on the courts to show off. Everyone wants a picture of their dog on their pickleball paddle, we just gave you a way to do it.  So why wait? Create the perfect paddle today.