Paddle Manufacturer Warranties

At Pickleball Clearance we offer a 60-day guarantee against defects. If your paddle breaks during this period you can call us to set up an exchange or refund. We will provide you with a return label to send the defective paddle back. Used paddles are not covered by warranty policy.

Beyond this time, you are protected by the warranty of your paddle’s manufacturer. Below is a list of all the manufacturers we currently work with and their details.

If you believe your paddle has developed a defect within the listed time frame(s), then you can contact the manufacturer to see if they will arrange an exchange. If you need proof of purchase please contact us for your original order invoice.

Keep in mind that your paddle must have an actual defect to be considered for an exchange. Paddles affected by normal wear and tear, abuse and negligence will not be accepted.

Normal wear includes faded graphics, small dents or scratches (which don’t affect play) and markings/residue left by pickleballs on the face. You should keep your paddle out of extreme temperatures and humid conditions to prevent early decomposition, and never use your paddle to hit anything other than a pickleball.

Most manufacturers will not take back paddles that have been tampered with (re-glued, grip changed, etc.) or those that have been marked with permanent identification, so if you want to put your name on your paddle, it’s best to use a sticker.