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Who We Are

Pickleball Clearance was founded in 2017 with the goal of advancing the spread of Pickleball for all ages, races and genders. We are a family owned business focused on offering the most competitive prices on pickleball paddles, pickleball balls, pickleball clothing and more - all backed by our Price Match Guarantee. We are located in a small suburb in Fairfield County, Connecticut. 


What We Do
PickleballClearance.com was started as a hobby after falling in love with the sport of pickleball. Over the years Pickleballclearance.com became one of the largest resellers of pickleball equipment and pickleball clothing on the internet. We are committed to honesty, exceptional customer service while simplifying the process of purchasing pickleball paddles.


Shop Safe Guarantee
At PickleballClearance.com we take pride in offering a safe and secure digital shopping experience. We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting it. 


Contact Us With Questions
Is it your first time purchasing a pickleball paddle? Or are you simply looking to upgrade your current pickleball racket? We know how challenging it is to select a pickleball paddle. There are a lot of paddles to choose from and plenty of factors to consider. Contact us and we can help you make your choice! Email: [email protected]