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Pickleball Terminology: Your Guide To Learning Pickleball Lingo

If you are a beginner or a first timer in a pickleball world, you better to find out the language or terms of what pickleball communities are using to be able to engage and pick up the game easily. Not to worry, you are in the right place! 

Here are the 15 Pickleball Terms that you must know. 


  1. Ace - Ace refers to a serve which the opponent cannot bring back or cannot return the serve and the point can be won without returning the serve.

  2. Dill Ball - refers to a live ball, shots, that’s inbound and bounced once.

  3. Dink Shot - This is kind of a soft shot wherein shot go over directly over the net and falls into the opposing non-volley zone

  4. Falafel - A short shot hit in the pickleball ball with just a small power.  It is also known as the “dead paddle”. 

  5. Flabjack - This shot is a midair shot that must bounce once before it may hit during one of the first two shots of any point.

  6. Kitchen - Refers to the non-volley zone

  7. Let - a serve that hits the net cord and lands in the service court.

  8. Non- Volley zone - This is the 7 foot section of the court on either side of the court. All players are not allowed to volley the ball within this zone which includes all lines around the zone.

  9. OPA - This is a word to announce or shout that once the third shot has been hit, it means that the open volleying has already begun.

  10. Paddle  - a racquet that used in playing pickleball.

  11. Pickle - a warning word from the server to alert all players in the court that they are about to serve.

  12. Pickled - losing a point in the whole game. Getting a zero point in the pickleball game, this will be called “pickled”.

  13. Pickler - a plickleballplayer who is very hooked in the pickleball sport and also known as the “pickleball addict”.

  14. Pickledom - the place where the championship match of a tournament is played.

  15. Poach - this is a double match game. If the player crosses over in the side of his partner to hit the shot.

These 15 pickleball sayings are only among the basic words or terms that you need to learn. What is more important is understanding the rules of pickleball.