ONIX Dura Fast-40 Outdoor Pickleballs (4-Pack)

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DURA Fast-40 Pickleball 

The official ball of the PPA Tour tournaments, APP Tour tournaments, and Pickleball Canada tournaments, each Dura Fast 40 Pickleball is manufactured to exacting standards as a seamless one piece ball before our hole pattern is machined into it. The attention to detail in this process creates the longest lasting, highest quality pickleball on the market today. Choose from two different colors – neon or yellow. Each purchase includes a 4-pack of balls.

  • ENGINEERED FOR CHAMPIONSHIP PLAY — Developed specifically for the game of Pickleball
  • OUTDOOR PICKLEBALL PLAY — Four pack of pickleballs traditionally used outdoors
  • VERSATILE FOR SPORTS TRAINING — Can also be used for baseball and softball training drills
  • CHOICE OF CHAMPIONSHIPS — Official Ball of the PPA Tour, APP Tour, and Pickleball Canada tournaments
  • TWO AVAILABLE COLORS — Your choice from two different colors – neon and yellow