HELIX Composite

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Introducing the all NEW Composite HELIX by Armour Pickleball!  This paddle will change your game completely.  It has the perfect blend of power while still keeping that great control for your dinks or third shots.  The two-toned graphics really stand out on the court.  The other side of the paddle has the inverse color scheme for you to be completely different and unique.  This paddle was designed for all levels and is endorsed and created by Six-Time National Champion - Steve Wong.

Detailed Specifications

  • Weight: 7.7-8.1oz
  • 15 7/8" L X 8"W
  • 5" Grip length
  • 13mm Thick Polypropylene AdvancedCore 
  • Composite Fiberglass Hitting Surface
  • Armour PerfExtreme perforated Grip
  • USA Pickleball Approved
  • Made in the USA