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Elevate your pickleball prowess with the Warrior v2, the ultimate choice for players seeking an amalgamation of power, precision, control, and spin. Crafted with an etched raw carbon T700 face, this paddle is meticulously designed to deliver an unparalleled blend of performance and spin prowess, revolutionizing every shot you take.

Drawing upon a culmination of cutting-edge technologies cultivated by Diadem Sports, previously showcased in the DIADEM WARRIOR EDGE, VICE, and ICON V2, the DIADEM WARRIOR V2 stands as a pinnacle of pickleball paddle innovation. With a 19mm thickness and 3X L-Core, this paddle ensures a heightened tactile connection with the ball for delicate dinks, while retaining the ability to generate power during robust hits. The ingenious Taper Tech molded handle endows the Warrior V2 with a comfortable grip and a sleek 4 1/8th size.

Weighing slightly lighter than its forerunner, at 8.25 oz., the Warrior v2 embraces Liquid Carbon Fiber (LCF) along its edges, offering unparalleled resilience and safeguarding, guaranteeing a prolonged lifespan through countless games and strikes. Complementing its edgeless design, every paddle purchase includes a piece of Paddle Armor, providing a shield against daily wear and tear. The Warrior V2 ingeniously blends top-tier carbon fiber, Polypropylene honeycomb, and incorporates Aramid honeycomb for amplified power. With the infusion of the Etched Carbon Fiber face, the Warrior V2 harmoniously unites power with control, cementing its status as the most comprehensive paddle on the market, propelling your game to unprecedented heights.


USAPA Approved



Warrior V2 Specs 


8.25 oz


16.4 in


7.4 in


0.75 in (19mm)


235 mm

Honeycomb Density

8mm PP + Aramid + 8mm PP


Etched Carbon Fiber

Handle Length

5.3 in

Grip size

4 1/8" (G1)