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206 Riley Newman Signature Pickleball Paddle

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206 Riley Newman Composite Pickleball Paddle by Gamma Sports

The GAMMA 206 Riley Newman Signature Pickleball Paddle is all about power + control, dynamic play, with the bonus of a shock-dampening core. The 16-3/8" length of this paddle is perfect for broad court coverage and strong follow through. At its core is GAMMA's NeuCore polypropylene material, which is 25% thicker than standard honeycomb cores and results in a gentle feel on impact. The face utilizes a textured composite fiberglass which creates "pop" and allows for intuitive spin.

The look of the eye-catching GAMMA 206 paddle was inspired by the colors of the NHL's Seattle Kraken hockey team, Riley's favorite, while the model name "206" is a reference to Seattle's area code. It has a 5-1/4" long handle which leaves it feeling well suited for double-handed backhands (ever watch Riley play?). It weighs an average of 8 oz. so it provides plenty of power to catch opponents out of position. The handle is wrapped with GAMMA’s popular Honeycomb Cushion Grip which not only feels comfortable, but keeps sweat away from your hands and prevents slips thanks to its tacky finish.

The "206" Riley Newman Signature Composite Pickleball Paddle from GAMMA is an impressive, accurate-hitting choice for higher level players looking for equipment that can match a vigorous style of play.