How to Build a Custom Pickleball Paddle

Are you interested in customizing your own pickleball paddle? Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the United States. Pickleball players can be found both near and far, good and bad, and old and young. Pickleball is no easy sport, but you can look good while playing. 

A custom pickleball paddle is every players dream. The nostalgia of your 8th grade basketball jersey number right on the front of your paddle for everyone to see, but how does the process work?

Each custom pickleball paddle is a piece of art. The process can be quick or long depending on the thought and preparation that goes into the paddle design. Every custom pickleball paddle can be customized based on design, model, grip, edge guard, and the grit that is used on the paddle face. Each player has different styles and preferences while playing the great game.

Whether your custom pickleball paddle is for a custom team pickleball paddle, a work event or organization featuring a custom logo pickleball paddle, or just to show off to your friends with a custom pickleball paddle, the process is the same!

To start a custom pickleball paddle, you will need to do the following:

1. Contact Pickleball Clearance on our website, or send us an email at [email protected]

2. Begin to design your paddle in your head. This step is arguably the most important because it may decide your pickleball future. You must answer a number of questions that are important to the design process; What style of player am I? What color of custom pickelball paddle suites me? What designs, non-copyrighted images, or photos could I use? What color of grip do I want to use? What color of edge guard will allow for my paddle design to "pop" and prove to others that I am the top pickleball player?

3. Begin the design process with our professional pickleball paddle design team who will design your custom pickleball paddle according to your preferences. 

4. Once the design is finalized, our design team will provide a mock-up of your finished design. Once approved by you, our design team will send the design to our product team to start building your custom pickleball paddle. 

5. The building process may take at least 6-8 weeks to perfect your custom pickleball paddle. Each paddle is handmade and designed by pickleball pros, so it truly is a work of art. 

6. Once the building process is complete, we will send you an image of your completed custom pickleball paddle, if the paddle is everything you dreamed, we will ship it right out! 

Once your custom pickleball paddle is in your home, enjoy! Make sure to show it off to your friends and loved ones and prove you truly are the king of the pickleball courts.